Water Heater Installations

Is Your Water Heater on Its Last Legs?

Is Your Water Heater on Its Last Legs?

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Without regular water heater maintenance, your unit could break at any time with little to no warning. If your old unit breaks or needs maintenance, Plumbtech, LLC is here to help in Watertown & Torrington, CT. We can complete your traditional or tankless water heater installation efficiently, and our licensed plumber can make sure it runs properly all year long.

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The benefits of installing a new water heater

If you're trying to decide if you need water heater installation services, it's important to consider the potential benefits of getting a new one. A new heater can:

Lower your energy bill- your new heater will operate efficiently
Reduce repair costs- you won't need to worry about expensive repairs
Meet your hot water needs- you won't run out of hot water mid-shower

New water heaters can hold water at a constant temperature for longer periods of time than older models, leading to greater efficiency. If you need a new water heater or water heater maintenance, reach out to us today.