HVAC Maintenance

Want to Keep Your Watertown, CT Area Home Comfortable?

Want to Keep Your Watertown, CT Area Home Comfortable?

Learn more about the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance can extend the life span of your unit and keep it running efficiently. If you need maintenance, turn to Plumbtech, LLC in Watertown & Torrington, CT. Our expert will handle HVAC cleaning in spring and fall and inspect your unit regularly to catch minor issues before they become costly problems.

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How we'll maintain your unit

During your two seasonal HVAC cleanings, we'll inspect, clean and maintain many different parts of your unit. We'll:

  • Clean coils
  • Adjust fan belts
  • Replace dirty filters
  • Check your unit's motor
  • Test your electrical connections
  • Check your unit's basic operations
  • Inspect cleaning valves, compressors and coils

With HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall, we'll get your unit ready for the intense summer heat and cold winter snows. We also perform digital combustion analysis for boilers and water heaters to ensure they run efficiently. Call us now if you need an expert to maintain your unit.